Monday, February 05, 2007

McLaren Retrospective

Exactly what I expected. I should've planned a little better and dipped into the stash before the screening. By the end of the show, I felt like I had. I had seen most of them before (who hasn't?) on television screens, so seeing them on the big screen was a treat. The amount of patience that McLaren had boggles my mind. Trippy stuff. Loved the Opening Speech.
Technical Difficulties: The aspect ratio was a little off so the top and bottom of the frame were cut off. A little distracting, but, from what I understand, theatres aren't equipped to project films in 4:3 ratio anymore, since everything is now shot widescreen. (I'm sure there's a number ratio, but I can't begin to pretend I know what it is...2.33 perhaps? 1:1.66? 42?


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