Sunday, February 04, 2007

Run, Robot Run!

The write-up in the schedule didn't do it justice, I must say, It didn't sell me on the film. But I'm pleased to have made it to the screening.

A minimal but effective sci-fi set made on a shoestring budget. A few locations, a small, but talented cast. Snappy Dialogue. Funny, light-hearted, campy. A little tip from writer/director Daniel O'Connor about making a low budget feature - "Don't do a Sci-Fi." Oh, sweet hindsight, but he managed to pull it off with the help of a great Art Director.

I realize that no one will take me seriously if all I say are nice things about everything. So I won't. Run, Robot Run! lulled a little near the end, an could've been honed down a little to keep it moving. That being said, it was a superb effort for a independently funded first feature with a tiny budget.


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