Sunday, February 04, 2007

The VIP Lounge

I always forget my business cards. dang.
Especially when I get the opportunity to meet the most important people in the Canadian film industry.

I schmoozed my way around around, and met a few people, including the incredibly charming Tracey Friesen, who produced the film "Citizen Sam" which is screening this afternoon. I'll be there.

I also met a delightful Brother-Sister duo, Devon and Kirsten Bolton, from Calgary who produced "Shipwrecked" which is screening next weekend as part of the Treasures and Thrills family shorts program.

And, I actually got to see David Foster, not meet him, mind you. With the slew of people with cameras snapping shots of him, a figured the last thing he needed was to be accosted by the goofy Blogger and his slide whistle.


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