Sunday, February 04, 2007

Film Forum - Getting That First Feature Made

As a maker of short films, I'm not quite far enough along in the game to be looking to make a feature, but it was still interesting to hear what the speakers had to say. I think there may be a language barrier. When they' re talking about low budget, and they say 5 or 6, I think to myself,
5 or 6 hundred, that's my big budget work. (but I make shorts)
5 or 6 thousand, now that's a juicy budget. no more peanut butter sandwiches and mac and cheese for me.
But really, what they mean is 5 or 6 hundred thousand dollars. And in the film world, that is low budget. Yowzah. I've got a ways to go.
What I learned: Script is key, not just a script, a great script. And enough Producer and Director credits behind shorter work to prove that you can make it happen.


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