Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Fishnets and Flying Elbows

Poked a camera around the "Hell on Wheels" Screening, talked with the Misfits Roller Derby Team and later, went hunting for "Battle Scars" with Sarah (Femurs) Facini, The Festival's Volunteer Coordinator.

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Head, Heart and Balls

I ran into Debbie Walker and Peter Foldy in the Lounge, and had a little chat with them about the festival circuit, future projects, and Peter's "First Time."


I didn't get the All-Access pass I was expecting.... so I snuck into the Trigger Points Lounge to sneak a peek behind-the-scenes...It didn't go too well...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Devil's Apple

Here it is: Vlog #1 of this this year's Victoria Film Festival. 
I swung by the Devil's Apple Art Exhibit last night at the CAC and talked with the show's creator Mike Routliffe. 
Stay tuned for more episodes, as we explore the Festival, hidden behind a video camera and an all-access pass. Oh, the trouble we can get into. Woohoo!