Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Festival Buzz - Special Guests

14th Annual Victoria Film Festival Buzz

Hello, fellow cinephiles!

Our box office got off to a roaring start on Monday the 14th. The phones were ringing off the hook and then--all of a sudden--went silent on Tuesday. It turned out that our phone lines were dead (I know what you're thinking--YES, Kathy had already paid the bill!), and everything was fixed by the following day.

To make things even more exciting around here, renovations started next door. Construction workers busied themselves with chipping drywall off the other side of our shared wall, which caused paintings to go flying, Poltergeist-style, and a hole to magically appear in Kathy's office. A couple of people screamed, I wondered if shelves were going to do our Programmer Donovan in, but we're all a-okay.

Are you wondering who you'll get to rub shoulders with at this year's festival? Well, I'm not telling you. I kid, I kid. Here are some of the glitterati stopping by for the festivities this year:

Don McKellar will be speaking at the Victoria Film Festival’s Trigger Points Pacific Co-Productions Conference. He is a Tony and Genie Award-winning Canadian actor, writer, and filmmaker. Don wrote and starred in many well-known films, such as Roadkill and Highway 61. His most recent collaboration with Bruce McDonald spawned the cult classic television series, Twitch City, in which Don played the starring role.

Adam Carolla co-wrote and starred in The Hammer, which is to be screened at the Victoria Film Festival. He is a comedian, comedy writer, radio and television personality, and actor. Adam is known for edgier fare, like Comedy Central's hop-fueled The Man Show and the radio show Loveline. He currently hosts the hit morning radio program, The Adam Carolla Show.

Don Shebib directed A Song to Sing-O, which is a World Premiere at the Victoria Film Festival. He is a prominent Canadian film director, writer, producer, and editor. Don gained critical acclaim in Canadian cinema for his 1970 movie, Goin' Down the Road.

Irina Pantaeva wrote and starred in Siberian Dream, which is a BC Premiere at the Victoria Film Festival. She is proud of her Buryat heritage, and she is an accomplished supermodel and actress. Irina has appeared in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, Zoolander, and starred in the off-Broadway play, Jewtopia.

In exciting award news, some familiar Victoria Film Festival faces are nominated for British Academy Film Awards:

Golden Globe winner Julie Christie is in the running for Best Actress for Away From Her, the opening film of the 13th Annual Victoria Film Festival.

Halifax-born Ellen Page, the star of the highly anticipated The Tracey Fragments (screening at this year's festival), is also nominated for Best Actress at BAFA, for her starring role in Juno.

That's it for now... If you know any film lovers, spread the buzz around! Stayed tuned for more Festival Buzz!


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