Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Film Festival Buzz - Movies, Music and Big Moves!

14th Annual Victoria Film Festival Buzz

Hello, fellow cinephiles!

Movies just aren’t the same without some amazing music playing in the background. So, why shouldn’t your life have a fantastic soundtrack, too? Well, now it can! Make sure to check out the Empire Theatres Lounge at Platinum, located oh-so-conveniently at 759 Yates, the ground zero for film festival land.

The Empire Theatres Lounge is a hip and happenin’ place to kick back, enjoy some tasty food, and chat about this year’s films.

So, catch some tunes and meet some cool people. Here’s the who’s who of the what’s what taking place at the Lounge every night, starting at 8 PM.

Hemant Rao – Feb. 1 & 2
Hemant’s performances are all about “living the song” and his recordings have been compared to the likes of George Harrison.

Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra – Feb. 3
An acoustic sound explosion born in the indie scene of Victoria B.C. Featuring an acoustic and eclectic mix of ska, reggae, Latin rhythms, Russian folk songs and hip hop.

Karel Roessingh – Feb. 4
Karel is a jazz pianist and composer that has performed with Bud Shank, Ian MacDougall, Pat LaBarbera, Don Clark, Floyd Standifer, Roy Reynolds and many well-known vocalists.

Nick Schols – Feb. 5
A wonderful nostalgic treat. Nick busts out a tantalizing mix of those classic tunes you love, from “It’s Now or Never,” to “My Way,” to “Pretty Woman.”

Ian Farish – Feb. 6
Acoustic grooves, evocative vocals and thoughtful lyrics, Ian Farish and Bonnie Davison perform a selection of well-crafted pop originals from Farish's recent CD, Soul Songs.

Miss Emily Brown – Feb. 7 & 9

With her autoharp, music box, guitar, and unmistakable voice, Miss Emily Brown performs minimalist compositions that will make you forget that you have heard everything before.

Randy Waldie – Feb. 8
Randy Waldie brings a roots-blues sensibility to the jazz standards. Quoting from many different styles he infuses a fresh take into the familiar.

THE VANISHED - Makoto Tanaka

If you’ve been thinking about checking out The Vanished, you’d better get your butt in gear and grab your tickets, because tickets are...well...vanishing!

Screening on February 7th and 10th, this thriller will appeal to horror buffs and fans of creeptastic Japanese cinema. This film features zombie children, gruesome murders, and a spine-chilling journey… So, get prepared to be totally scared! Tickets are available online or you can drop by any of our box offices, listed on VictoriaFilmFestival.com.

Moving and Shaking

Pictures falling haphazardly off walls, tickets flying out the door, volunteers whipping around – those aren’t the only things moving around here. Victoria Film Festival headquarters are scheduled to make a big move about 5 days after the Festival is over, right next door to Johnny Zees. Who knows? Maybe having ‘round-the-clock access to a 1st-person shooter could be the miracle cure for festival-related stress?

On a more serious note, the VFF would like to extend many, many thanks to Empire Theatres for their continued support of our festival, and for providing an excellent roof over our heads.

That's it for today... If you know any film lovers, spread the buzz around! Stayed tuned for more Festival Buzz!


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